On asking for a little help with my novel


I apologise for drop off in postings over the past few weeks, life’s got busy and I haven’t dedicated enough of my time to this witchery called writing. I’ve been shifting my life from a city apartment to a cottage that rests between hills and sea, my writing will now be done in front of the duck pond or up in the rafters, rather than in cafes overlooking busy streets.

I’m about to start on a rewrite of my first book, a story of just what we’re all capable of once we realise how much we can hold ourselves back. Just as important as its message of believing in ourselves, is the idea of collaboration, of what can happen when we unite our talents, spur each other on and chase enormous dreams. I can’t say too much more because I want people to read the book rather than read a synopsis on my blog. I can though tell you that there is at least one unfair death, a complicated romance and the most bizarre religion the world has ever contemplated. Scientology will look pedestrian in comparison. The cast includes a blind vodka maker, a Russian wolf hunter and a kiwi horse whisperer. ‘Write what you know’ was the first piece of advice I ignored on my path towards publishing.

I need a little help though, I need interesting ideas on religion, faith, spirituality. Positive or negative stories of preachers, born agains, cults, ghosts, voodoo, local mythologies. I can trawl the Interweb, wade through libraries and subscribe to magazines, but my book is very firmly about real (ish) people, so I thought I’d ask all of you. If you have a funny, scary or implausible tale about an encounter with (or from within) faith, then I’d love to hear about it. Although not everything in the book is taken directly from personal experience, I’ve tried hard to take real events and then push them gently towards the surreal. I love the idea of some of my character’s back stories being grown from the seeds of real people’s experiences. The wider my range of inspiration, the better the chance I’ll have of throwing my readers expectations every couple of chapters. Or paragraphs.

So please, please, please don’t be shy, either comment on this post, personal message me on Facebook, or email me on reganbarsdell@hotmail.co.uk. The reward for anything I draw from your stories is limited to a mention in the published work, and input on cast selection once the film rights are sold…

Thank you in advance, and I promise I’ll have a new posting up in the next couple of days.

x Regan Drew Barsdell, author in progress.


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